Chairman: New man must be “obsessed”

Colin: To be a top football manager you have to live and breathe it every single day.

Harriers Chairman Colin Gordon. Pic (c) Ade Hoskins

COLIN Gordon insists the new Harriers boss will be “obsessed” with the job, as he continues to search for the man to take the team forward.

Chairman Colin, along with senior players Russ Penn and Jimmy O’Connor, have been overseeing first-team affairs in recent weeks.

He’s admitted, however, to already being inundated with interest and applications for the role.

While the original thought was that the current trio would stay in post until the end of the season, Colin accepts this may change in the event the right candidate becomes available sooner.

Speaking about the position, birthday boy Colin was adamant that a first-in, last-out approach is a bare minimum for whoever is to take up the mantle of driving the team onwards.

Reflecting on a busy period in the last few weeks, he commented: “It’s not easy, and anyone who thinks that it is something that I wanted is absolutely crazy.

“I know where my strengths are. If I was 36 rather than 56 today… I’d have taken a different career path and fair enough.

“Can I do the job? Yes. Do I understand the game? Yes. Am I qualified? Yes. Have a played the games and got the t-shirt? Of course I have. Do I want to do it? No.

“…to be a top football manager you have to live and breathe it every single day.” Colin Gordon

“I want to find another young and hungry manager who wants to be up at 5 o’ clock in the morning and be the last out the building.

“[They] need to realise that to be a top football manager you have to live and breathe it every single day.

“You have to be prepared to watch obscure tapes from Bolivia or wherever, because a coach is interesting to look at. You have to be absolutely obsessed now.

“I want that type of person, and not just someone who is quite happy to be in a non-league set up, because we’re not happy to be in a non-league set-up.”

While having the right man in charge at Aggborough sooner rather than later is his preference, Colin admitted that the club must be prepared, if necessary, to wait a little longer and ensure the decision is accurate.

He added: “People can make rush decisions based on circumstances, and then realise that they’ve walked down the aisle with the wrong bride.

“We need to avoid that at all costs… we have absolutely got to get it right.”

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