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A general view of the proposed new stadium (Concept art only)

Kidderminster Harriers Football Club is excited and proud to have revealed developmental plans for its new stadium complex.

Our vision is that within the next three to five years, the club will be housed at an all-purpose, specially-designed facility that can not only serve the needs of a successful football team, but also the wider community.

The club is ambitious and positive about the prospects of the team in future and are equally keen to press home the environmental and societal advantages the new site would bring to the area.

Here are just five key benefits of the proposed new development:

The team

In terms of creating an on-pitch product, the stadium and training complex will be a massive selling point to players. The playing budget will only ever be limited by the turnover by which the club operates so, simply enough, a thriving community area with pitches in use every night of the week and a greater commercial revenue will all go towards a sustainable playing budget. With more room to create, develop and evolve, that figure can only ever increase meaning a high standard of player, and, hopefully, a successful Kidderminster Harriers team.


Both the process of completing this project and its future operation will provide the area with additional employment opportunities. First and foremost the potential development of and building work on both sites will bring jobs into the area, while the completed complex will employ not only the club’s playing and administrative staff, but also youth and community coaches for all age groups, and support and grounds staff. From there the club will be able to develop and shape careers, uniquely placed as what we believe is a UK first in terms of offering a starting point for careers across the sports industry from coaching, to management, to marketing and media, to intermediaries, landscaping, and agriculture – all just to name a few.


At its fullest, the new development would ideally house educational facilities for all ages. Initial planning and discussions are underway regarding the implementation of a free school for young children, while part of the proposed new stadium will in itself encompass student accommodation for those studying university degree courses on the complex. From the very young to the more mature we will be able to bring individuals on a pathway of education that will not only teach and offer learning but will also be based upon an environment of support and inclusion within the Kidderminster Harriers family.


The football club has an obligation to help its community and this has to go beyond providing entertainment on a Saturday afternoon. Our aim is to help strengthen and benefit a deprived local area within the district. A handful of the ways we can do this are borne about by the following statistics:

  • 20.6% of Year 6 children in the Wyre Forest are obese
  • Instances of crime: there were 1,138 crimes in a one-mile radius of Birchen Coppice, March 2016-April 2017.
  • Life Expectancy in the deprived areas of Wyre Forest is 9.2 years less for males and 6.4 years less for females than the national average
  • 27.8% of Wyre Forest population have zero qualifications

Quite simply, while the football club alone cannot cure the problems highlighted by these statistics – it is duty bound do its bit to try and help overcome them – by providing opportunities of all types to all ages in terms of health, education and employment we will be doing that.

The future

Unquestionably, our potential at present is limited. Our hope is that this development will see that ceiling removed completely and the only boundaries restricting the football club are the ones it makes for itself. In ten years’ time Kidderminster Harriers Football Club would well be an established Football League side attracting big attendances that also thrives as a local employer, health provider and community focal point – that is only possible by taking these steps now. In doing that we also secure the long-term future of the football club itself, ideally for the rest of its history.


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