Club update on progress being made

Harriers would like to assure all supporters that considerable work is continuing to help strengthen the club and on and off the field.

General view of Aggborough Stadium

Harriers would like to assure all supporters that considerable work is continuing to help strengthen the club and on and off the field.

The club’s current owners assumed control at Aggborough with many procedures, personnel and cultures in place. Committed to creating a long and stable future for the club, we will rightly take responsibility for everything that comes in future but cannot control what has gone before.

While there has been much speculation and public comment about the apparent state of the club and mistakes that have been made in the past, we feel we are at a time where we must stop focusing on what has gone on before and instead channel our energies into the future.

Purely to give supporters an insight – since taking control, the club’s current owners have worked tirelessly to:

  • Reduce the club’s long-established, significant debt, which is slowly being cleared
  • Ensure all ongoing liabilities in respect to all personnel, as well as football and non-football creditors are met as a matter of course without delay
  • Ensure the first team remains as successful as possible on the field by encouraging a positive, supportive and inclusive working environment built on trust, hard work and commitment
  • To support the first team, where appropriate, with signings and transfers to add to the squad, but not at a level that conflicts the work being done to secure the club’s long-term future
  • Develop ideas and initiatives to better engage and reward the club’s fan base for their support with a review of pricing structures, the match day experience, communication and more
  • Improve the club’s commerciality with the addition of a commercial manager who is already making excellent progress
  • Continue the work being done within the local community by introducing new initiatives to support local people and workers, some of which we hope to confirm shortly

All of this work is being undertaken by a very small number of people. We are committed to investing in the right areas and are making real inroads, but it is not work that can be completed overnight, and we have to remain patient.

As owners we have no interest in debating the past or getting into a war of words with anyone. Whilst the work above is not always being done with as much public visibility as it has in the past, supporters needn’t fear that it isn’t being done.

Creating and sustaining a stable, and inclusive football club and football team remains our sole priority, but this can only be realised with the support and encouragement of everyone involved. As such we’d again ask supporters to stay behind the team, and Russ, going into the next three home games, which could be crucial to our season.

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