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An update on questions submitted to Harriers Voice…

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Harriers are pleased to provide answers to the first batch of questions received via the Harriers Voice initiative.

Spearheaded by Monica Shafaq, Harriers Voice, along with a number of wider objectives, aims to communicate with supporters by addressing their questions and concerns directly.

We believe this is the best vehicle of communication as it allows any Harriers fan with a question to ask to pose it to us directly and receive a clear answer.

Moving forward it is our hope to provide an overview of questions received and answers monthly, on or around the first Friday of the month. In any event it is our aim to ensure questions are replied to within ten working days. We will endeavour to answer all questions, but supporters should be aware that, as with any business, questions of a potentially sensitive commercial nature may not be able to be addressed.

The first questions can be found below. We would ask all supporters who wish to ask a question for the next batch, or at any other time, to e-mail directly – questions received on behalf of others or from any other avenue will not be included. This is to ensure that Harriers Voice can operate with the level of transparency that was the driving force behind its launch, and to aid the Harriers Board, all of whom provide their services to the club voluntarily, in having the most streamlined process possible.

Monica added: “I’d like to apologise for a slight delay in getting out the first batch of questions; it’s a process we’re now confident will be a lot smoother moving forward.

“The whole premise of Harriers Voice was so that we can communicate directly and, where appropriate, on an individual basis with our own fans, so we look forward to doing more of that in future.”

We thank all those supporters who’ve asked questions so far and again encourage all fans to continue to do so.

Q: Is there any prospect of reaching agreement with Bromsgrove Sporting to extend the loan of Jason Cowley, beyond the end of January?

A: This has been announced since the question was submitted

Q: In a post to the club’s website on 24th December 2020, it was claimed that Richard Lane and Neil Male are “owners”. This does not however appear to be borne out by the recent Companies House Confirmation Statement, which does not record Neil as being a shareholder. Has there been a fundamental change of ownership since the effective date of the statement?

A: No – Richard Lane is still 75% shareholder.

Q: Companies House is still recording Dave Seddon as a Director, although he is understood to have resigned in October 2019 – he is also recorded as a Director on the KHFC website. Is Dave still on the board?

A: No, he isn’t. The website has been updated and Companies House is being dealt with.

Q: Neither Neil Male nor Monica Shafaq is recorded at Companies House as a Director (nor are they so recorded on the club’s website). Would you please confirm their relationship with the club as they both appear to be involved in decisions usually made at board level?

A: As was confirmed at the time of their appointments, Neil Male is Chief Executive Officer and Monica is a Non Executive Director, with the delegated authority to make decisions.

Q: The recent Confirmation Statement was issued by Neil Stanley – presumably a person authorized and providing an external service?

A: Neil is Finance Director of EBC, and we have migrated the whole finance function to EBC for financial benefit to the club.

Q: Is Geoff Coles still the Club’s Company Secretary?

A: At present yes.

Q: Can the club advise if KHIST has offered any financial assistance during this difficult time?

A: KHIST encouraged its members to contribute to the Boost the Budget fund in August – and donated a sum totalling £1,080. We have been made aware that KHIST currently holds approximately £40K of members funds which has not been used to support the club, we do not however know if the amount stated is factually correct and therefore members are requested to contact KHIST if they require further clarification.

Q: What is the Club’s position on the status of the season and when can we expect more information?

A: We will only comment publicly when it is necessary to do so and there are facts with which to update supporters. While we appreciate many clubs have commented regularly and at great length, much of this only creates further speculation and, in some places, only does more harm than good. Our hope is that the National League, as a whole, will find a way to continue until the end of the season, but as and when that is determined is outside of our control.

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