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Latest questions in the Harriers Voice initiative…

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Harriers are pleased to provide answers to the latest batch of questions received via the Harriers Voice initiative.

Spearheaded by Monica Shafaq, Harriers Voice, along with a number of wider objectives, aims to communicate with supporters by addressing their questions and concerns directly.

We believe this is the best vehicle of communication as it allows any Harriers fan with a question to ask to pose it to us directly and receive a clear answer.

It is our hope to provide an overview of questions received and answers monthly, on or around the first Friday of the month. In any event it is our aim to ensure questions are replied to within ten working days. We will endeavour to answer all questions, but supporters should be aware that, as with any business, questions of a potentially sensitive commercial nature may not be able to be addressed.

We would ask all supporters who wish to ask a question for the next batch, or at any other time, to e-mail directly – questions received on behalf of others or from any other avenue will not be included. This is to ensure that Harriers Voice can operate with the level of transparency that was the driving force behind its launch, and to aid the Harriers Board, all of whom provide their services to the club voluntarily, in having the most streamlined process possible.

Q: What is your opinion regarding the apparent apathy for the Harriers to join other teams and carry on. From a personal perspective, I’m embarrassed we have put our name to this when we should all be presenting a united front against the mismanagement of the funding etc. Maybe you have misread the mood for football amongst Harriers fans, when we are unable to attend matches.

A: As you will have noted, KHFC are not the only club to have joined this initiative and are presenting an united front with 18 other clubs who have the same view as us. In fact, another 4 clubs have asked to join the initiative (or are thinking of joining) since it was first set up. Joining this initiative (or not) does not represent any views on how the funding is being managed but is a call to action to allow our step of football to continue as others are also. I am disappointed that you feel embarrassed by this, but clearly it is your prerogative to have your own opinion of the matter and from our perspective, whilst there are some fans who have stated on social media that their interest in football has been limited due to the inability to attend matches, there are a large proportion of fans who would also like football to continue.

Q: The season ticket issue, which I know has been asked and ignored previously. I have no interest in watching it via streaming as the match itself is only a fraction of the reason I follow the Harriers. You have offered no update on this issue. Indeed, there appears to be a total disconnect between the club and its fanbase. I was more than happy to donate the remainder of last seasons ticket price, but to assume that we’d all do the same for an entire season is pushing the boundaries.

A: The board will be meeting shortly to discuss options for season ticket holders and an update will be circulated in due course.

Q: While I appreciate that whoever may or may not choose to answer these questions may be well intentioned, to most fans you have no affinity with the club and this is a purely business exercise. You sadly risk alienating a substantial group of supporters by not communicating in an open and honest way, especially regarding the Aggborough lease.

A: We are not in a position, nor would it be appropriate at this stage to discuss the lease. This is an open and honest answer – it is commercially sensitive and inappropriate to share in the public domain. Should this change, we will happily share further information. We would encourage you to read our response to the question below posed by another supporter.

Q: Colin Gordon took alot of flack during his tenure, but he was open and extremely approachable at all times, unlike the current regime.

A: It is disappointing that you have this view but it is one that you are entitled to. All of the Directors have been approached either directly, via social media, including direct messages, by email or indeed through Harriers Voice by fans and have responded to comments or queries. We accept that Colin had a different ‘style’ but we do not believe that this makes the ‘current regime’ unapproachable. All those involved now come from a business background, Neil Male being an ex-professional footballer himself. We are here to develop and sustain the club and do whatever we need to, to ensure that this can happen. This will involve making difficult decisions, some which may not be liked by the clubs supporters, which can sometimes translate into us being less open or unapproachable.

Q: I have no doubt that I am amongst several who have asked these questions, only for you to only answer the easy ones. Please prove me wrong.

A: See above

Q: What views do the club have on people on football forums who think they have a right to information about everything at the football club?

A: We fully understand and appreciate that individuals would like to know about things related to the club. In many ways this shows their passion and dedication for our wonderful club and also demonstrates their concern for the success of the club at what is a very turbulent time. It isn’t appropriate however to share every detail. Some may be commercially sensitive and there are times where certain issues may still be being dealt with. It would therefore be irresponsible of the club and confusing for the fans to share information in a piecemeal fashion. We would rather do this when we have all of the facts and matters are concluded. Whilst the club wishes to maintain open communication channels with its fans, there does need to be a degree of acceptance that not everything can be shared in the public domain.

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