Colin: We are very, very excited

Chairman discusses early interest in long-term plan, finances and more…

Harriers Chairman Colin Gordon

Colin Gordon has hailed the early progress of Harriers’ long-term plans, insisting: “This is my investment in the future of the football club.”

A busy season on and off the field is starting to yield some promising results. This comes in the campaign in which the club outlined plans to move to a new stadium and invest heavily in an education-based infrastructure.

This exciting long-term vision came after a challenging period for the club financially – the club made a substantial loss during the year ended May 2017 before starting to adjust. Since then there has been heavy initial investment in new coaching staff and personnel, with some very encouraging early signs.

The Chairman discussed the latest developments on our YouTube channel and made no bones about the fact that any losses have been covered by him directly to ensure the club itself is not left in debt, owing or falling short in its responsibilities – but insisted he does not and will not be acting as a benefactor for the club long-term.

He reflected: “We’ve invested in the future of the club and people can see that – but that costs money and if you are going to make money you need to speculate, and to bring in the revenues we want to, you have to invest in quality staff.

“We have to look at off-field revenue sources to support a football team…” Colin Gordon

“There are no short-cuts and there was never any intention of any shortcuts, but if you are going to bring in people to help you move forward then those people cost money, and I think these accounts are representative of our investment.

“It is expensive, and it falls at my door – that’s what I promised everybody when I took over. But it is my investment in the future of the football club.

“We have spent money on players and strengthened up, and it is also part of my plan that we invest in quality people… but we are already seeing the fruits of our labours and the increase in our revenue streams is dramatic.

“From this year onwards, I think we are going to show very favourable returns that we can invest in the future of the football club.

“We are very, very excited about the future of the club and so should everybody be.”

What’s arguably most crucial for Harriers is the fact that the ambitious plans for the future have already peaked a lot of interest.

From long-term and high-profile sponsorship, to investment and education partners, there have been plenty of people who’ve expressed an interest in getting involved in the project.

Colin added: “Sponsorship will increase because we are not just a football club that plays at home once a fortnight – what we are doing is going to have a huge impact on the community, on business owners – you name it.

“The support we’re getting from business and our own Council has been absolutely remarkable because they can see the sense in this.

“Our partners at BMet have been fantastic and, with developments going on with the 3G starting soon, we’ll have the best training ground out of anybody probably going up to the Championship, I would think.

“The support from the whole of BMet has been remarkable and the number of boys and girls we’re bringing through is a massive increase on where we were when we started.

“The Higher Education side of the business is looking very favourable indeed. This is the area where I’m excited and what I believe can be the future of the football club.”

“…we are already seeing the fruits of our labours and the increase in our revenue streams is dramatic.”

It’s no secret that a thriving education set-up in the future will be the basis for a successful football team on the pitch, too.

Ambitions off the pitch are being matched by hopes and expectations on it, with the Chairman adding: “All the money we raise goes into the football club and into the budget – that’s the point.

“We have to look at off-field revenue sources to support a football team [because] even in our league, we wouldn’t be anywhere near the top of the pay scale.

“To succeed you have to be paying, it seems me, much higher salaries than I ever thought at this level.

“We could just concentrate on the education side and that’s a nice business to have, happy days. But we want to succeed on the football pitch.”

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