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Partners, sponsors and suppliers asked to be aware…

The club have been made aware that a number of its commercial partners and suppliers have been contacted by Football Focus Club Magaizne with regards to promotion of Kidderminster Harriers.

We would like all of its partners to be aware that the club has, since a less-than-favourable experience around ten years ago, at absolutely no time expressed a desire to work with the above publication, nor has it passed details of its partners to them to discuss advertising opportunities to go alongside a proposed editorial feature. Any contact being made is done so without our blessing.

Unfortunately, despite being told directly by the club, and on more than one occasion, that they do not wish to pursue any relationship with the publication, Football Focus Club Magazine persists in contacting both the club and those associated to it – it is also clear that we are not the only club in this position: see previous examples from other clubs.

In the event KHFC wishes to work with its own commercial partners, sponsors and suppliers on a venture of this or any kind, they would be contacted directly by the club.

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